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teen daze | my bedroom floor

image via Teen Daze’s tumblr. Only five months after the release of their debut EP, Four More Years, and a month after the release of Beach Dreams, Teen Daze is back with a 13-track album, My Bedroom Floor, right in time for the new … Continue reading

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Painted Palms | Canopy EP

Painted Palms is the duo of cousins Reese Donohue and Christopher Prudhomme, both living on opposite coasts of the United States. This long-distance collaboration, an exchange of music and ideas, gave life to their debut five-track EP, Canopy, released in mid-november. … Continue reading

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christoph andersson | capital

Christoph Andersson is a 19 year-old song-writer/producer from New Orleans. His first EP, Capital, was released on December 21st. Andersson’s music may remind you of bands like Chromeo or Ratatat – but he describes it as “neo-disco”. Here’s “Capital”, an electro-pop … Continue reading

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miami horror & cassian | holidays remix

The holiday season may be coming to an end, but it’s never too late to celebrate, is it? Here’s a remix of Miami Horror’s “Holidays”, in collaboration with fellow Aussie, Cassian. Grab your shiny dance shoes, and enjoy this groovy track.

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beach house | i do not care for the winter sun

Here’s a holiday treat from the dream-pop duo, Beach House, ‘I Do Not Care for the Winter Sun’, a soft and dreamy winter song. Their slow, ethereal sound and haunting lyrics will give you chills, but warm your heart. This track is … Continue reading

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image via Stereogum Braids. The band. Not three interweaved strands of hair. If you haven’t heard about them already, then I guess you can consider today your lucky day. This Montreal-based band has been getting quite a lot of attention from the … Continue reading

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the knot remains on top

Topknotters! I guess starting a blog during finals week wasn’t the greatest idea – but rest assured, this hiatus is coming to an end! Lookout for new posts starting this Monday. I’ve got an amazing Montreal-based band (represent) that I cannot … Continue reading

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Diamond Messages | Liquid Summer

Jason Craig a.k.a. Diamond Messages’s first EP, Smoke and Mirrors, was released on November 29th. Liquid Summer, the second track off of Craig’s debut record, surely shines the brightest. Its soothing percussions, and airy vocals have unexplainable numbing properties that will push you straight into the arms of … Continue reading

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’tis the season to be jolie

The holiday season is here! And who says holiday season says holiday parties – which leads to today’s topic – the perfect holiday outfit. Here’s my advice – buy a cute cocktail dress, pull those killer heels out of your … Continue reading

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Niki & the Dove | Mother Protect

The image above is the perfect representation of Swedish duo Niki and the Dove’s newest single Mother Protect: colorful and of all over the place, yet mesmerizing. This electro-pop track’s quirky sound, an impeccable mix of bouncy drums and pan pipe melodies … Continue reading

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