teen daze | digital 7″ no. 2 | together b​/​w something

Teen Daze just released Together b/w Something on Cultus Vibes, the second in his Digital 7″ series. You can get it fo free on Band Camp.

I know chillwave is a dead horse; people are already sick and tired of talking about the merit of the genre, and whether it will last and all that. With that being said, I know what these tracks are, and I know what label or genre they’d fall under. But when I listen to these tracks, I hear my friends: I hear Persona La Ave and Blackbird Blackbird; I hear Memoryhouse and Aidan Knight. I hear my influences: I hear J Dilla and Madlib; I hear Baths and Star Slinger. So call it chillwave, call it beat-hop, call it whatever. Just think about what, and who, you hear when you listen to it. – Teen Daze

Listen to the two tracks here:

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