Menswear Is The New Black

Our latest fashion installment paid tribute to the always klassy with a K Nicole Polizzi. We discussed poof-sleeve sweaters, Mystic Tan pants, and beer-goggles-sunglasses. The whole point of the exercise was to channel our beloved pickle-eating guidette in a fashionable way. Impossible? Think again.

Sadly, we now fist pump wave Snooki goodbye and say hello to our new inspiration… [anticlimactic drum roll]… Charlie Chaplin! I know, I KNOW, he ain’t no Shore guido, nor has he ever been the star of a hit reality show on MTV. Why even bother, right? Right? Wrong. 30’s menswear is the new black.

Menswear has been around for a while now, but it’s here to stay. Not convinced? Just take a look at these:

Yigal Azrouël Fall 2011 ready-t0-wear

Jason Wu – Fall 2011 ready-to-wear

Ralph Lauren – Fall 2011 ready-to-wear

The Row, Michael Kors, Rachel Roy Fall 2011 ready-to-wear

Thanks, NYFW. Now that I have proven my point, we can start our five step transformation.

Step 1: Suit up!

Stella McCartney Ivory Wool Tailored Orchid Jacket, 1 895,00$

Rag & Bone Lace-up jersey skinny pants, 495$

A wise man once said “To score a ten would be just fine, but I’d rather be dressed to the nines. It’s a truth you can’t refute, nothing suits me like a suit and this also applies to you, sista. Take good note!

Speaking of irrefutable truths, nobody does men’s clothes for women like Alexander Wang. Case in point:

Alexander Wang Pre-Fall 2011 Image via

Straight from Charlie’s black and white closet! AW sure knows how to dress ’em ladies. Over-sized boyfriend blazer? Check. Drop-crotch pants? Check. White turtle neck sweater? Un-necessary, but check. This leads us to step numero dos : Oxford shoes.

Alexander Wang Ines Oxford – 425$ –

Oxfords will wake the man lying dormant within you. (And yes, these shoes were designed for woman – notice the heel).

Step 3 : The cane

Alexander McQueen 
Alexander McQueen ring, 345$        Dominic Jones ring, 790$ 276,50$

Dannijo DANNIJO Tova necklace, 345$

Unless you’re planning a hiking trip to Vermont, you shouldn’t be rocking the bamboo cane. You should, however, substitute said cane with accessories that provide equal protection such as jewelry that resemble violent weapons (think self-defense).

Step 3: T-shirt tiiiiime (I can’t help it)

Capture d’écran 2013-06-12 à 03.18.01

The Reformation Patti Top 

Behold the Pryus of button-up shirts: the Patti Top. Half cropped, half not. This shirt doesn’t particularly scream Charlie Chaplin, but then again, it doesn’t have to, and here’s why – Silent. Film.

Step 4: Proenza Schouler

Proenza Schouler PS1 Large Leather, 1995$

Proenza Schouler doesn’t need an introduction, but my birthday is coming up. Just sayin’.

Step 5: The derby hat

Madrid Wool Hat, 38$,

Finish off the look with a fedora, the modern day version of Chap’s famous derby hat. Avoid all eye contact with the camera for a dramatic effect, and some well-deserved hipster points. Just kidding. We’re not gonna go there.

Who would have known that coming up with a look inspired by a men from the 30’s would be easier than emulating a 21st century reality star?


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