Well hello there!

My name’s MC – not Hammer – I’m a business school graduate turned law student, a sporadic tweeter (@mmariecatherine), part-time blogger, and as I like to call myself “the girl below le knot” (I don’t).

In case you hadn’t figured it out from reading these three introductive lines, you’ve landed on my personal blog. Here, you’ll find a shit ton o’shit that are mostly music and fashion related. If you share any of these two interests, then HI! Welcome! Come in! Can I take your coat? AH!!! No shoes!! And if you don’t, I’m sorry you wasted precious minutes that you’ll never get back due to time traveling options or lack thereof. Ugh, science. Right?!

Let me demystify the concept of le “topknot”. A “topknot” is just a kewler way to refer to a super-high bun. It made a comeback in 2009, and has yet to leave the top of my head (see blog header).


Contact information
e-mail : letopknot@hotmail.com
twitter : @mmariecatherine


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